The fastest, easiest way to look younger and classy.

Usually, I favor simple classic pieces instead of trendy clothing. Here’s how:
* Start by looking at current fashion magazines or by clicking around at places like, to see what’s hot and get ideas.

* Look for accessories that show off your best parts, like cute earrings, a bangle bracelet, killer shoes, etc.
Skip the department stores and head to places like, TJ Maxx,
Loehman’s, Smart, etc. to get them as inexpensively as possible. Don’t spend a lot on things with a short shelf life.

* Pair them with classic clothing pieces so the focus goes to the trendy accessorie, and by default to the body part you’re showcasing with the accessory.
* Enjoy the attention. If you keep your clothing age appropriate yet add a sassy accessory trend, you’ll get respect from the young fashionistas in your life while the women your own age will envy your panache!

Try it yourself and see. !